Aqua boost

Aqua boost uses certified organic aloe, natural black oat extract, vitamin B5 and lecithin to nourish dry or damaged hair and leave it naturally moisturised, smooth and shiny. The range consists of a shampoo which is rich in moisturisers and conditioners to gently wash and restore dry or damaged hair. A conditioner that nourishes and smooths dry or damaged hair. A treatment packed full of natural extracts to restore dry or damaged hair. A leave in conditioner with natural wheat protein to maintain a natural moisture balance.

Power build

Power build uses certified organic natural sunflower seed extract, natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea along with wheat protein and vitamin B5 to add strength and volume to hair.The range consist of a shampoo which adds strength and body to fine, weak or limp hair. A conditioner which strengthens, smooths and adds volume to fine weak or limp hair. A treatment restores body to fine, weak, coloured or bleached hair. Revamp treatment powerfully restores the protein levels in the hair.

Status quo

Status quo uses certified organic chamomile,comfrey, and vitamin B5 to maintain your hairs natural balance, shine and condition. The range consist of a shampoo which maintains healthy hair and improves colour retention. A conditioner which maintains healthy hairs natural protein and moisture balance levels. Also protect-leave-in conditioner protecting healthy hair from the drying and damaging effects of hairdryers and pollutants. Good for places with high humidity or high pollution levels, and before sunbathing or swimming. Helps protect from UV irradiation.

Soothe plus

Soothe plus is packed full of botanical and certified organic ingredients to soothe and calm even highly sensitive or irritated skin. The range consists of a shampoo that gently cleanses highly sensitive, irritated scalps and hair. Ideal as a body wash on sore skin and can reduce redness and tenderness. A conditioner that conditions and restores highly sensitive scalps and hair to a natural pH balance. A treatment that provides a cooling and soothing effect when sprayed onto irritated scalps or skin.